Changes from 0.6.x to 0.7

FIXME Only a draft version, must be enhanced.

  • When you upgrade be sure to read the UPGRADE.txt in the SVN
  • If you are using mISDN with PCI cards please also read this.
  • There is also a ChangeLog.txt for the many changes in detail.
  • Changes to the Web interface by Lonnie, are found here altweb-changelog.txt
    (0.7.x uses version 1.6.xx)
  • Arno's firewall upgraded (requiring a manual process to complete when upgrading from 0.6)
  • Removed astfw – all features were replaced with Arno's firewall + plugins
  • Allow firewall to be active when only one network device is defined
  • Replaced Zaptel with DAHDI
  • Newer Linux kernel ( in 0.7.0 compared to in 0.6.8)
  • New Wiki and web site