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 /​*[[changes-0.6|Changes from 0.4.x to 0.6.x]]*/ /​*[[changes-0.6|Changes from 0.4.x to 0.6.x]]*/
 ====== Generic x86 Boards and Appliances ====== ====== Generic x86 Boards and Appliances ======
 +==== Newer Hardware ====
 [[board_qotom_Q190G4N-S07|Qotom Q190G4N-S07 Celeron J1900 Fanless Appliance]] [[board_qotom_Q190G4N-S07|Qotom Q190G4N-S07 Celeron J1900 Fanless Appliance]]
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 [[board_qotom_Q530G6|Qotom Q530G6 Core i3-6100U Fanless Appliance]] [[board_qotom_Q530G6|Qotom Q530G6 Core i3-6100U Fanless Appliance]]
-[[board_jetway_NF9HQL-525|Jetway ​NF9HQL-525 Dual Core Atom]]+[[board_jetway_NF9HG-2930|Jetway ​NF9HG-2930 Quad Core Fanless Celeron N2930]]
-[[board_jetway_NF96FL-525|Jetway NF96FL-525 / NF96U-525 Dual Core Atom]]+[[board_pcengines_APU2|PC Engines APU2 Quad Core AMD GX-412TC]]
-[[board_jetway_NF99FL-525|Jetway NF99FL-525 Dual Core Atom]]+[[board_lanner_FW-7525B|Lanner FW-7525B Atom C2358 Fanless Appliance]]
-[[board_jetway_NF9HG-2930|Jetway NF9HG-2930 Quad Core Fanless Celeron N2930]]+[[board_hpe_microserver_X3421|HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 AMD X3421]] 
 +==== Older Hardware ====
-[[board_oem_2550L2D-MxPC|OEM Production 2550L2D-MxPC (MINIX) ​Atom D2550]]+[[board_jetway_NF9HQL-525|Jetway NF9HQL-525 Dual Core Atom]]
-[[board_pcengines_APU|PC Engines APU1 Dual Core AMD T40E]]+[[board_jetway_NF96FL-525|Jetway NF96FL-525 / NF96U-525 ​Dual Core Atom]]
-[[board_pcengines_APU2|PC Engines APU2 Quad Core AMD GX-412TC]]+[[board_jetway_NF99FL-525|Jetway NF99FL-525 Dual Core Atom]]
 [[board_jetway_JBC373F38W|Jetway JBC373F38W Atom D525 Fanless Appliance]] [[board_jetway_JBC373F38W|Jetway JBC373F38W Atom D525 Fanless Appliance]]
 +[[board_pcengines_APU|PC Engines APU1 Dual Core AMD T40E]]
 [[board_lanner_FW-7541D|Lanner FW-7541D Atom D525 Fanless Appliance]] [[board_lanner_FW-7541D|Lanner FW-7541D Atom D525 Fanless Appliance]]
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 [[board_lanner_LEC-7220-N4|Lanner LEC-7220-N4 Atom N2800 Fanless Appliance]] [[board_lanner_LEC-7220-N4|Lanner LEC-7220-N4 Atom N2800 Fanless Appliance]]
-[[board_lanner_FW-7525B|Lanner FW-7525B Atom C2358 Fanless Appliance]]+[[board_oem_2550L2D-MxPC|OEM Production 2550L2D-MxPC (MINIX) ​Atom D2550]] 
 +==== Tools ====
 [[how_to_flash_bios|How to Flash a BIOS]] [[how_to_flash_bios|How to Flash a BIOS]]
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 [[hosted_guest_vm_vultr|Vultr KVM]] [[hosted_guest_vm_vultr|Vultr KVM]]
 +[[hosted_guest_vm_netcup|netcup KVM (Germany)]]
 ====== Telephony Cards ====== ====== Telephony Cards ======
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 ==== Web Interface ==== ==== Web Interface ====
 +[[tt_web_interface_edit_codemirror_key_map|Edit tab w/​CodeMirror Keyboard Mapping]]
 [[tt_web_interface_font|Web Interface Display Font]] [[tt_web_interface_font|Web Interface Display Font]]
 +[[tt_web_interface_wiki|AstLinux integrated Wiki]]
 ====== Troubleshooting ====== ====== Troubleshooting ======