Network and System Configuration

General Information

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AstLinux uses a UnionFS overlay with a read-only 'firmware' and read-write partition. The following graphic shows a representation of this. The firmware resides in a VFAT partition along with the Runnix “bootloader”. Runnix is loaded by syslinux. After Runnix is active, it looks for the correct 'firmware' to use from the 'os' directory on the VFAT partition. It also mounts the unionfs writeable area if available. Multiple versions of firmware can exist in the 'os' directory.


AstLinux uses Arno's IPtables Firewall. The default configuration files may be found in /mnt/kd/arno-iptables-firewall. Do not edit these files! Either use the web interface or copy variables you wish to set from the firewall.conf file into the /mnt/kd/rc.conf.d/user.conf file. The web interface should handle most use cases and is the recommended method.

Asterisk Configuration

Almost all configuration of Asterisk can, and should, be carried out via the Edit tab of the GUI. If you are familiar with traditional installations of Asterisk, do not edit the files in /etc/asterisk, the traditional location of Asterisk .conf files. If you want to edit the .conf files without using the GUI, the majority of them are located in /mnt/kd.

Astlinux is designed to minimize writing to its storage media, in order to extend hardware life. For that reason, the Asterisk configuration files in the traditional location of /etc/asterisk are in fact symlinks.